mercredi 7 mars 2012

Nouvelle mise à jour v30.4.0 RED pour FCP7...

Pour ceux qui utilise Final Cut Pro 7 avec des rushes RED voici une nouvelle mise à jour du plugin RED v30.4.0 pour transférer vos médias.

Taille du format des images entre le DV et le 4K (format du RED)
 Cette nouvelle mise à jour vous apportera le codec Quicktime Red v5.0.0, le plugin de transfert pour FCP v30.4.0, les fonctionnalités d’imports des clips RAW REDCODE, et de les encoder directement dans le format Proress 422 d'Apple.
Une nouvelle fonctionnalité pour travailler directement dans Color avec les paramètres originaux RAW.

Détails de la RED.

Voici la page pour le téléchargement.

Version Anglais :

Final Cut Studio RED Installer v30.4.0

For Intel-based Apple Macintosh systems running Final Cut Pro 7, part of the new Final Cut Studio – The Final Cut Studio RED Installer v30.4.0 provides the RED QuickTime Codec (v5.0.0) and Log and Transfer plug-in for FCP (v30.4.0) functionality to import REDCODE RAW clips as either native REDCODE media (R3D’s) wrapped in QuickTime or the option to transcode them directly to Apple’s ProRes codec.

There is also a new specialized functionality for color grading native QuickTime wrapped R3D media in Color using the original RAW parameters (REDCODE plugin for Color v4.5). Located in the download is a whitepaper PDF describing in detail this new, advanced way to edit REDCODE media, color grade and finish inside Final Cut Studio.


Includes version 5.0 of the REDCODE QuickTime codec, with support for REDcolor3, REDgamma3, and REDlogFilm.
Includes version 4.5 of the RED plug-in for Color, which also adds support for REDcolor3, REDgamma3, and REDlogFilm. This release also enables Rocket acceleration and logging. Rocket logs for Color can be found under (user home)/Library/Application Support/red/ColorPlugIn/Logs; a total of 10 logs will be kept, and then older logs will be overwritten.
Version 2.0 of the REDcode System Preferences pane adds a tab to control Rocket acceleration in Color. There are three Rocket selection modes for Color: automatic, none (Rocket disabled), and specific-board.

If the Rocket-selection mode is Auto or if the specifically requested board isn’t available, the plug-in will try to find a Rocket in a full-speed PCI slot. If that fails, it will select the first one that will open.
To see the benefits of Rocket acceleration in Color, select a higher Playback Proxy resolution on the User Prefs tab. You may also want to toggle the “Maintain Frame Rate” option on the same tab. When that option is activated, Color will skip frames in an attempt to play at the clip’s native rate, but playback may be more erratic than it is with the option off.

Color will not necessarily maintain a 4K clip’s native frame rate, but you will see dramatically improved frame rates compared to non-Rocket-accelerated playback.

Changes since last version (v30.3.0):
Adds support for EPIC and SCARLET-X footage to all components.
Includes version 5.0 of the REDCODE QuickTime codec, with support for REDcolor3 and REDgamma3.
Includes version 4.5 of the RED plug-in for Color, which also adds support for REDcolor3 and REDgamma3. All clips resolutions over 4k are automatically decoded at half resolution.
The Log & Transfer plug-in has been updated to include the camera model metadata in the Log & Transfer window.

Link to download.


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